From now on you can find me in Vermont

I have been living here in Vermont now for almost one month. Cannot believe it. Its snowy, cold and pretty darn amazing to be honest. I love the hotel I work at, I love the people in not only my department but all over and most importantly I love going to work every single day. There has been many new things for me to take in, but I think I'll tell you more about that some other day. 
Now I'm sitting in our livingroom here at the Brook House in little Stowe, Vermont. I'm gonna make some lunch and after that I'm going to head over to the gym for a quick workout before work starts at 3pm. Today Ryan and I will be working PBX (Answering the phone) everyone needs to do this about once a week. It's kinda fun. I answer the phone, direct the calls and then go on Tumblr. I just wished I started earlier so that I could go to the gym after work instead of before work. 


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