Like sands through the hourglass... so are the days of our lives

Finals are done and my first quarter is over. Tonight everyone is going out celebrating, everyone except me that is. I have been in downtown Shanghai all day, had lunch at Element Fresh, then a quick stop at an amazingly fresh juice bar and got a apple/pear juice for 11yuan, dinner was at the best Pizza Hut in Shanghai. Had an amazing view over the bund. Other than eating I bought a really comfy blue fleece at Uniqlo and a sportsbra at Nike.
Autumn has come to Shanghai and it is really starting to get chilly around here. About two weeks until my birthday and it feels very strange not having any snow yet. I should be used to it considering I spent my last few years doing an internship in Dubai at this time, but no.
Now movie night.
first day in Shanghai.


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