In case of a loss of oxygen, please place your masks over your faces to hide your terrified expressions from the other passengers.

On Saturday I came in to Shanghai at 9.30am and went straight to my (yes mine) Starbucks. One raisin scone + a grande signature hot chocolate at Starbucks. It was so cozy, christmas music and hot chocolate. Now I am really looking forward to christmas even though I won't have that much fun this year. At least I have my gingerbread from IKEA. After breakfast I walked over to Xintiandi and walked around there. You could really feel autumn in the air, and it was really nice. For lunch I stopped by at Wagas and had a extreamly good ceasar salad. Then I decided to go to the Shanghai Zoo. It wasn't that good, I mean compared to Europe, however it was a nice walk around the big park and a good way to spend a few hours. After a couple of hours at the zoo I took the metro over to Pudong and went to get a Kiwi/Orange Juice in the Super Brand Mall before continuing over to the IFC Mall (exclusive brands). I'd already decided to get myself really nice for my birthday... Unluckily for me, I didn't find anything?!
Nevertheless, I bought myself as you saw a charm at Thomas Sabo as an early birthday present. After looking at bags and watches for watch seamed as hours I went over to the financal tower (the bottle opener) to eat at Blue Frog Bar&Grill. It's a really good place where everyone speaks perfect English and are really friendly. They have happy hour between 4-8pm. So for a starter I had super good bruchetta, then the Blue Frog Burger and with that I drank a frozen mango margarita.
After dinner went back to Puxi and to Forever21. Determined to find some clothes, and I did! I bought one really neardy t-shirt, one plain white t-shirt, a headband (for winter), one leaf necklace and a pair of training shorts. Didn't spend a lot of money either.


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