Come to mama

Kräver för det mesta onyttiga Svenska godheter. Det här är vad jag kommer trycka i mig under min vecka i Sverige i sommar. Jag längtar redan som bara den! 

And we are getting closer to Friday!

Work 7am-3pm. 1h workout. Rest of the night? Criminal Minds. 
Dagen har varit relativ lugn. Sista vecka för många av mina kollegor vilket är lite tråkigt nu när man börjat känna dom. Så snart kommer det komma nya människor. Min boss var extra snäll idag och fixade fram lax till mig till lunch mums! Har två dagar i veckan som jag har rätt att äta i restauranten och hur mycket jag vill. Den här veckan har jag lagt dom på torsdag och fredag. Så imorgon blir det mumsiga sallader och lax till lunch och lite dessert också tror jag. Resterande dagar äter jag iofs alltid i restaurant i alla fall men "behind the scenes". 
Älskar att vara Management Trainee! 
Efter jobbet kröp jag ner i sängen i en och en halvtimme och tittade lite på tv innan jag bestämde mig för att dra till gymmet i mina nya rosa Nike shorts. Blev 25 min styrka och 30 min kondition. Nöjd tjej. Nu sitter jag och funderar på vad jag ska äta till middag. Har tre alternativ: 1) Happy Hour pasta på Wagas. 2) Russin Scone på Starbucks eller 3) Ett grönt äpple i min säng. Får se hur det blir! 

A yummy lunch

♥ Today I made this for lunch:
Scrambled eggs with tomato, sandwhich with apples, spinach, tomato and carrots and apple bits on the side.

In case of a loss of oxygen, please place your masks over your faces to hide your terrified expressions from the other passengers.

On Saturday I came in to Shanghai at 9.30am and went straight to my (yes mine) Starbucks. One raisin scone + a grande signature hot chocolate at Starbucks. It was so cozy, christmas music and hot chocolate. Now I am really looking forward to christmas even though I won't have that much fun this year. At least I have my gingerbread from IKEA. After breakfast I walked over to Xintiandi and walked around there. You could really feel autumn in the air, and it was really nice. For lunch I stopped by at Wagas and had a extreamly good ceasar salad. Then I decided to go to the Shanghai Zoo. It wasn't that good, I mean compared to Europe, however it was a nice walk around the big park and a good way to spend a few hours. After a couple of hours at the zoo I took the metro over to Pudong and went to get a Kiwi/Orange Juice in the Super Brand Mall before continuing over to the IFC Mall (exclusive brands). I'd already decided to get myself really nice for my birthday... Unluckily for me, I didn't find anything?!
Nevertheless, I bought myself as you saw a charm at Thomas Sabo as an early birthday present. After looking at bags and watches for watch seamed as hours I went over to the financal tower (the bottle opener) to eat at Blue Frog Bar&Grill. It's a really good place where everyone speaks perfect English and are really friendly. They have happy hour between 4-8pm. So for a starter I had super good bruchetta, then the Blue Frog Burger and with that I drank a frozen mango margarita.
After dinner went back to Puxi and to Forever21. Determined to find some clothes, and I did! I bought one really neardy t-shirt, one plain white t-shirt, a headband (for winter), one leaf necklace and a pair of training shorts. Didn't spend a lot of money either.

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